Noble foundation trading as Ganbei Global Australia, is an Australian Registered Business ABN 21 159 253 053 started in 2014.

Ganbei Global Australia specializes in import, export, e-commerce and consultancy services. We export, market, distribute and sell 100% Australian made products to China and we also import products from China into Australia. Apart from China, we also deal with products from and to Hong Kong, USA and India. We deal with wholesale, retail and e-commerce.

We also provide services as consultants and sourcing agents to China. We have very good knowledge, working experience and business contacts with Chinese businesses. We have traveled numerous times to China in the last 4 years to attain this level of maturity in our Business.

We hold exclusive distribution rights for Gypsy Rose Brand – A 100% Australian owned, operated and made product (100% Natural cosmetics) to China, Hong Kong, USA and India.

We work closely with Concept Property Holdings Pty Ltd and East Coast Construction Co Pty Ltd for sourcing building and construction materials.

We also have e-commerce and IT experience and expertise and we work closely with Deepetch and Memory Scoops